Team trophy

Give hard workers shining awards for their achievements

Ed’s Trophies & Awards can provide you custom acrylic or glass awards with the elegant touch you desire.



Trophy awarding

Present the award of distinction

When you are presenting someone with an award for an achievement or contribution you want that award to demonstrate the significance and distinction of the event. For an elegant, sophisticated award, choose glass or acrylic.

These awards come in a variety of shapes and sizes to give you many options when selecting the award that best fits your recognition need.

Personalize the award for meaning and prestige

You want your recipient to feel pride and honor when receiving his award. Make the piece something they will be even prouder to display with exquisite customization that displays the name of the recipient and for what they are being recognized.

These awards make exceptional display pieces that remind the recipient and those around him of their achievements for years to come.

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