Sheriff badge

Give names to faces within your company

Add a touch of personality and warmth with name badges at Ed’s Trophies & Awards.




Eagle badge

Allow each individual to be recognized

Not having a name not only makes a person feel uncomfortable and unappreciated, it makes those people he is interacting with feel distanced. When you are working with a person you want to create a relationship that fosters trust and report.

Name badges put names to the faces of your employees so each feels like an individual within the larger team of the company. It allows others to interact with them on a personal level and helps encourage connections with customers and clients.

Increase the security of your building or event with proper identification

You want to know that only authorized people are entering certain areas of your business or performing certain actions. Security tags provide the name of the individual plus their picture to grant closer control over the security of your business or event.

These badges are also a fun way to grant special privileges or access to specific individuals.

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